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Ladies Cuts

Ladies Cuts

Our Salon offers the very latest in Ladies cuts and styling from Dry Cut to Directors Cut and including Wash, Cut & Blowdry, Restyle and Fringe Trim.

Dry Cut €42.00
Wash, Cut & Blowdry €53.00
Director’s Cut €55.00 - €65.00
Restyle €63.00
Fringe Trim €5.00

Gents Cuts

We offer to gents haircuts that are contemporary, smart and current. We offer a range of styles from modern to classic ensuring you look your very best.

Dry Cut €16.00
Wash, Cut & Style Hot Towel €20.00
Colour & Cut€40.00

Gents Cuts



Our expert team provide a range of blowdry services that are perfect for any style. These include short, medium, Steampod/Joico Style and Upstyles.

Short Blowdry €26.00
Medium/Long Straight Blowdry €28.00 - €30.00
Medium/Long Curly Blowdry €31.00 - €35.00
Steampod/Joico Style €36.00
12 Week Blowdry €180.00
Botox Blowdry and all Treatments inc Blowdry €50.00
GHD/Wand/Instyler (Wash and Blowdry not included) €30.00 - €45.00

Girls & Boys Cuts & Blowdrys

Our friendly staff offer the latest in kid’s styles. Whether it’s a family event, back to school or keeping them looking tidy, we will give them the best cut.


Dry Cut€20
Wash, cut and blowdry age 13-18€40
Under 12€25 - €36
Toddlers usnde 4€12.50


5-16 €15
toddlers under 4€12.50

Girls & Boys Cuts

Colour hair

Colour & Highlighting Services

As specially appointed agents for Joico, we provide the very best and latest in hair colour, not only providing stunning tones but also strengthening and providing nourishment.

Root Colour Only (Depending on length/thickness) €47.00 - €50.00
Masking €30.00
Bleach Up/Platinum Tint €57.00
Gloss/End Colour/Toner €10.00 - €30.00
Gentle Cleanse Removal of Limescale & Colour €47.00
Pre-pigmentation €47.00
All Colour Services do not include Wash, Cut or Blowdry


Full Head Short €95.00
Full Head Long €105.00
Half Head Short€60.00
Half Head Long €70.00
Balayage, Root Colour & Toner€129.00
Balayage & Toner €95.00
Individual Packets€3.00


Stockets of EsiLocks & Hair Contrasti Our salon offers you the hair length and thickness that you’ve always wanted. Whether you choose Clip-in or Tape-in extensions, our team will have you looking fabulous!

Clip-In Extensions P.O.C
Tape-In Extensions P.O.C
Microbeed Extensions P.O.C


Hair Loss Clinic
Hair Loss Clinic

 Hair Replacement Treatment 

We are specialists in the area of Hair Replacement Fittings for both men and women.

The process involves no surgery or invasive procedures and can be fitted in one sitting depending on the individual client’s needs.

Medical Card holders and clients with Health Insurance may be entitled to substantial discounts for their Hair Replacement treatment plan.

With proper care your Hair Replacement Fitting should last between 8 to 12 months with periodic appointments for maintenance in between. The fittings are made from 100% high quality natural human hair and are designed to seamlessly and subtlety blend with your own hair in terms of styling and colour and are designed for everyday living and activities.

All consultations are private and are held in the strictest confidence and every client is treated with sensitivity and due respect.

Contact us today to arrange a friendly, confidential consultation where we can advise you on the best treatment plan and also how to avail of the financial supports available for your treatment.

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